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This site makes it easy to transfer files to your web server. Mostly it is useful for sites like and to send generated images to another server (such as your web server or ftp server). This is particularly useful for WebTV users who can't save images on their own machine.

If you would like to transfer a file from one server to another, enter the URL of the file here...

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If you would like to transfer a file from a password protected web site, user this form.


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Limits?: Although we have no pre-set limits...(okay it's 2.4Gigabyte), the transfers that you do through must be completed in five minutes... This server is capable of transfering over 1 Gig per minute, if you are talking to a slow server, your job may not complete in time.

Other transloaders sometimes suffer from overloading (too many people using them!), which is why I wrote this one. Hopefully, this will never happen to us, but in any case, check these others out, they have some nice services.

If you know how to Cut and Paste HTML, and would like to get this transloader on your page: Register Here

Don't use this server to transfer copyrighted files (including music). I believe in copyright, we have logs.




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