Webtv Help for transloader.com

  • How do I create a web page?
  • How do I transload to my homepage?

  • Ok, I've found an image, now what do I do!?

  • Input descriptions For Transloader.com

  • The "URL" input:

  • The "FTP Server" input:

    Note:If your website server name does not appear above you can write to the support service for your site. You should also be able to find this information somewhere on your site.

  • The "Username" input:

  • The "Password" input:

  • The "Subdirectory" input: (optional)

  • The "Rename" input: (optional)

  • The "Transload" button:

  • The "Scrapbook" Uploader:

  • I have some problem specific to WebTV
  • Can I upload images made here and then link to them from my "Scrapbook" for my email (signature)?